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Imagine getting more high quality client and customer requests than you can handle. Clients willing to wait for your services. Customers who cannot wait to purchase your products.

The dream of every business and professional in any industry!

As a business owner you know how important your website is to attract such customers and clients. You understand that your site needs to speak in a voice that prompts them to action without hesitation. It needs to show your professionalism and it needs to convert!

You want to find that voice - I can help create it for you!

Great copywriting in that special voice takes time, skill and research. It speaks a certain language using strategies and conversion techniques. Great copywriting takes your business success to the next level.

I help you transfer your marketing strategies into high-quality, human-to-human copywriting. With integrity. No scams, no hype. Check here for the services I specialize in.

Your success is my goal and satisfaction!


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Focus Areas


Building Industry

The building industry is always growing and evolving. New products come on the market regularly. Builders need to be aware of these new products, particularly with such emphasis on sustainable building practices these days. With the introduction of such building products, the opportunity for profit grows, but so does the need for more education. Not only can I help you write sales copy for these products and services, I can also help you write a newsletter or blog to educate your customers.


Home Decor Industry

This industry changes all the time. What is trendy today is old tomorrow. It is critical for you to stay on top of these trends and you want to offer your customers the best product at the best price. You want your customers to be happy in their homes. This industry offers a lot of opportunities for healthy profits, but the competition is fierce. I can help you get ahead of your competition to ensure your offers reach potential customers fast and furious.



Renovating industry

Like the building industry, the renovating industry is never static. It expands, it contracts. Many of the products used in the building industry are also used in the renovating industry. Architects and designers need to be kept abreast of new developments and products all the time. Contractors and trades need to find what they need promptly. Nearly all sourcing is done on the internet these days. You want to make sure that these professionals can find you and that any future client cannot wait to hire your services!


Pet Industry

Pet owners all adore their furry family members. A huge industry, the pet market grew from tiny to a big beast with many opportunities to make great profits. From organic pet food, basic necessities to frilly outfits, the demand for pet products is endless. Veterinarians are doing a healthy business as well and many operate state of the art facilities. Great marketing copy is sure to draw pet owners and pet service providers in!


Copy is a direct conversation with the consumer
— Shirley Polkoff


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